WHAT ABOUT BOB?


Bob,  When my late husbands health was failing, his advice, that before I made any decisions about selling our

home I needed to speak with you first. He was right, you are a great source of information about the housing

market and offered good advice. However, most important, I was impressed with the time and effort that you

give to the job. You are a man of your word, and have the integrity. Thank you for your guidance and moral

support during the sale of my home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Sandra Dean........Kingston, ON


My experience with Bob Steacy selling my Penthouse Condo was excellent!! I could not have asked for

a better outcome, Bob was very helpful, honest and forthright. He is a man of action and true to his words.

I would highly recommend Mr. Steacy for all of your Real Estate needs.

Donna Ede ----Kingston ON


We enjoyed our Real Estate experience with Bob. He was instrumental in finding our new home
and working with him to sell our house was a positive experience, largely due to his enthusiasm,
professional knowledge and his wonderful sense of humour.

Ted and Judy Nurse-----Kingston ON